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True music is the divine message

beyond notes.

Beyond Notes Music Publishing is the gateway to the hidden message, to the essence and meaning of music.

True music is the best and most beautiful means of communication for our soul.

It touches us in our innermost being, creates pictures, gives joy and connects us with the whole world.

True music is a divine touch that transcends all human boundaries and divisions and unites us into one family all over the world.

Our music carries the mission to ensure understanding and love between people worldwide through compassion and devotion.

True musicians do not focus on their technical and musical skills to show off themselves, but rather bring the unifying essence of music from their hearts into our world.

Saeed's music is a journey of sounds into the world beyond notes!


Musicians are important offstage, on stage only music counts! 

(Saeed Habibzadeh)

True music is the best cure for the soul!

(Saeed Habibzadeh)

Beyond Notes Music Publishing
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Beyond Notes Music Publishing represents the works and activities of Saeed Habibzadeh worldwide. We would like to introduce him to you here.

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Beyond Notes Music Publishing publishes works for large orchestras, piano and organ works, piano concertos, as well as modern works such as film music, pop music and musicals. Click on the button to find out more!

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zeitgenössische Komponisten

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New orchestral scores to look forward to

The following scores of Saeed Habibzadeh's orchestral works will be released in the coming months:

Spartacus Sinfonie : July 2022

Bachs letzte Reise : Summer/Autumn 2022

Schweizer Walzer : Autumn 2022

Der einsame alte Mann : Winter 2022

For enquiries, score reviews or concert plannings, please contact us here.

Beyond Notes Music Publishing


Beyond Notes Music Publishing

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Carsten Ewertz looks forward to hearing from you for publishing matters such as the rental and sale of scores and license inquiries.

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