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Bachs letzte Reise


Saeed Habibzadeh

Year of publication




Johann Sebastian Bach





Beyond Notes Music Publishing


Symphonic poem



Large orchestra with 96 musicians, organ and 40 choir singers

Detailed Instrumentation


Score format

Conductor's score DIN A3,

Study score DIN A4,

Instrumental parts for orchestra


Playing time

approx. 22:00 min


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I got the idea to translate Bach's last journey to eternity into music in summer 2018. After a few rehearsals with a small line-up, it soon became clear that this inspiration required a large symphonic orchestra. So I started the instrumentation in January 2020. It was completed in April 2020.


Bach had to say goodbye to his family many times to go on concert tours. These separations from his family were constantly painful, sad and always left behind crying children. They loved each other very much and the trips were rarely short. Bach's letzte Reise is a narrative poem and represents Bach's mystical journey into eternity. A journey from which he never comes back and in which he ultimately encounters God.


The main motive of this composition was to express my deepest respect for Bach with music. This symphony is dedicated to him from the heart!

Saeed Habibzadeh