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Saeed Habibzadeh Beyond Notes - Spartacus Sinfonie


Spartacus Sinfonie

(Spartacus Symphony)


Saeed Habibzadeh


Year of publication




Spartacus, Kirk Douglas





Beyond Notes Music Publishing


Symphonic poem, 12 movements



Large orchestra with 103 musicians and 80 choir singers

Detailed Instrumentation

Score format

Conductor score DIN A3,

Study score DIN A4,

Instrumental parts Bach format

(230 x 305 mm)


Playing time

approx. 55:00 min


Order (rental score, available August 2022)


The Spartacus Sinfonie (Spartacus Symphony) is a journey through time to fight for freedom alongside the slaves around Spartacus. It commemorates all those who, despite their hopelessness, fought with Spartacus for their own liberation from slavery and for freedom and self-determination. We owe these noble men, women and children, that freedom and nobility have not yet been forgotten.


My personal dedication goes to Spartacus and to Kirk Douglas, who courageously and decisively produced the film “Spartacus” in impossible times. Without him, we would never have heard of Spartacus and his dreams and companions.


May these divine ideals and values ​​not be lost in our times and in the future!

For a new humanity in unity, fraternity, equality, freedom and justice.

Saeed Habibzadeh