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Hélène Grimaud is the inspiration for this piano piece and the gentle life in it. For me, she is not only the greatest female pianist, but an elf from a magical forest. An elf who maintains friendships and relationships with trees, plants, stones, animals and natural beings in a deep bond. She hears and understands them on a level that is beyond this world. She and nature, which she loves and enlivens, are not made by humans, but come from the divine kingdom, in which peace and devotion prevail. In my eyes, she shuttles between the world of humans and the magical world from which she originates.


Sometimes I mentally accompany her on a walk in the forest or watch her communicating with wolves. I look at her or just sit next to her when she watches the rain on the window. At such moments, I hear sounds just as she sees colours. This piano piece was created at such moments.


May it express my deep appreciation and respect, which I feel for her in gratitude and affection.


Saeed Habibzadeh

May 2021

Für Hélène - Piano work

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  • Title: Für Hélène

    Composer: Saeed Habibzadeh

    Opus: 7

    Publisher: Beyond Notes Music Publishing

    Published: May 2021

    Instrumentation: Piano work

    Key: F-minor

    Dedicated to: Hélène Grimaud

    Playing time: ca. 07:00 min

    Bars: 122

    Pages: 12

    Edition: 1.

    Score format: Softcover

    Height: 30,5 cm

    Width: 23,0 cm

    Weight: 110 g

    Order number: BNSH 07-D

    ISBN: 978-3-96974-232-7

    ISMN: 979-0-50293-232-9