Saeed‘s projects are diverse and extensive. They all serve the music, musicians and music lovers worldwide.

Small and large concerts, lectures and readings, collaborations with musicians on different levels and much more are planned and will be announced here. 

Spartacus Symphony

The Spartacus Symphony is Saeed's first symphony. He received the first idea and inspiration in August 2019. In November 2020 it was completed. It comprises 95 pages (DIN A3 conductor's score) and has a playing time of approx. 52 minutes. The symphony is orchestrated for a large orchestra with an ensemble of 110 musicians and 60 choir singers.

The score including Saeed's descriptions and comments will be published soon.

The world premiere is planned for summer 2021.

The organisational status of the planned performances can be found anytime under the News section.


Click here to enjoy some audio samples from the Spartacus Symphony and other works!

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The defeated slaves around Spartacus were crucified cruelly after the lost battle. There were over 6000 men, women, teenagers and children.