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Toccata und Fuge zur Ehre Gottes



Saeed Habibzadeh


Year of publication




For the Heavenly Father



Beyond Notes Music Publishing


Organ work





Score format

Instrumental score, Bach format

(230 x 305 mm)


Playing time

approx. 19:00 min


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In January 2020, a wonderful friend of Saeed Habibzadeh suggested the idea of composing an organ work. She began to write down a theme for organ that Saeed had planned for an orchestral instrumentation. He found the idea interesting, but not necessarily remarkable. But when she showed him the notes and played them to him, he saw the true potential of this theme which literally called for being realised.


So he started to notate the piece in late January 2020. It was completed in July 2020. His fear of not having sufficient knowledge and experience regarding organ compositions was soon pushed aside after notating the first pages. The love for his heavenly Father and music easily made up for what he lacked in knowledge and experience.


This is how Saeed's first organ work came into being. A composition that grew out of love and unconditional devotion.


The Toccata und Fuge zur Ehre Gottes is a musical representation of the encounter with the Almighty. It describes the most diverse feelings, moods, fears and joys, but also the sight of the unimaginable dimensions of divine creation. It portrays the divine harmony and gives us a deep insight into eternity. Whoever listens with the heart, is led into a dimension of creation, from which he returns changed and deeply touched.


The Toccata und Fuge zur Ehre Gottes was not only a compositional challenge, but will be a special pleasure for true organists.


This work is dedicated from the heart to the heavenly Father, our almighty God.